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This app has become an absolute companion during my espresso brews. It's really easy to use and it contains all the data you need to improve your espresso shots.
Einfach nur WOW!! Ganz offensichtlich ist dies eine App mit wahnsinnig viel Umfang für das Tagebuch eines jeden Kaffeeliebhabers. Und zusätzlich ist die App sehr schön und mit Liebe designed und intuitiv zu benutzen. Ganz einfach 5 Sterne!
I've been looking for an app just like this for ages. I don't want all the smart features with Bluetooth and smart scales and pouring rates and recipes. Just a nice looking app that allows me to track my brews and brew settings. Logging the bag of beans is genius, same with grinder. The brew history shows the relevant data and allows you to easily repeat the brew while changing e.g. only the grind setting. If you want a straightforward app to log your cups of coffee and the important parameters, with a nice aesthetic (and icon!) this app is perfect.
Probably the best coffee log/diary I found, and certainly the most visually appealing one! Love that you can choose which fields to utilize, and the filtering/archiving options. Would love some additions like: -Backing up to Icloud -More nice icons for additional brew methods like Inverted Aeropress + ability to log coffee I drink at cafes/brewed by others! I try to compare tastes of beans on how I vs others prepare them too. -Fields in Brew for amount of water used in (to compare to yield) in brew; time fields recognizing minutes and seconds. -Fields in Beans for farm, more location info, elevation, process method. Overall great work, and can’t believe its free! You should add a field so we can donate to you.
God, I love this espresso nerdity.
Sensationell gut gemacht! Da hat jemand wirklich Ahnung vom Fach und hat eine wirklich tolle App für alle Kaffee-Liebhaber und Heim-Baristas gemacht. Es fehlt wirklich nichts - ganz großes Kompliment!
First of all thank you (developer) for making this great and excellent app! If you are a coffee lover and enthusiast, this app is essentially for you! It is the ‘Swiss Knife’ coffee app available with numerous features to mention. This app keeps on getting better and better with every updates it releases. More power to you developer and keep up the good work! For the ‘caffeinaters’ out there keep your daily dosages of coffee everyday with this app!
The deva really thought of every variable making it easy to track great profiles, grind settings, roasts, etc. I would consider this essential for anyone pulling espresso shots that want to track for consistency. Nice job devs!!! An A+! I would gladly pay money for this.
Really useful app. Simple, fuctional, easy. Developer highly approachable and supportive. Suggestions and requests often included in next update already. Some precautions required when updating (backup advisable). But for a free app by a voluntary developer absolutely professional appearance. Top!